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  • Your business has very specific needs and we take the time to understand them. Whether you’re looking to finance growth, manage risk or drive efficiencies, we can help you to support your business in the UK and overseas.

    With the fluctuating cost of energy prices, the need to harness technological advances, and the rising demand for innovating new products and entering new markets, we’re aware of the need for a bank that understands your business and supports your ambitions.

    Our experienced relationship directors, based in your region, offer frontline banking, sector and product specialisms that will work with you to provide solutions tailored to your business needs.

    We make it our business to ensure that you have the right financial support, from trade and supply chain management to asset finance and access to capital markets.

  • Automotives

    With economic recovery comes opportunity for the automotive manufacturing industry. Some impediments to growth include indirect taxation, an increase in road tax as well as increasing petrol costs. Rising energy costs, emission controls and environmental concerns are emphasising the need for innovation as the industry develops in the 21st century. However, confidence and sales are increasing, with key growth areas in:

    • vehicle ownership options from outright
    • hire purchase
    • lease
    • company cars
    • salary sacrifice.

    Additionally, the UK is viewed as a key market for European manufacturing based on the strength of Sterling vs the Euro and is enhanced by a number of key conditions. These include:

    • a stable, supportive economic environment
    • a cost effective, productive labour force able to flex in line with market demand (Labour costs lowest in Western Europe)
    • a depth of skill experience from which to draw from
    • research and development support and capabilities with which to undertake this spend. Grants can also be accessed through regional growth funds.

    Across the supply chain we have the expertise to ensure that your business is in good financial shape and ready for growth in the UK and overseas. We look at a range of factors to ensure we understand your business, including:

    • net profit margin
    • overhead absorption
    • used/new car sales
    • vehicle sales expenses as a percentage of gross product
    • used stock turn days.


    Our relationship directors bring an understanding of your regional economic factors as well as the wider global perspective. We were the first UK bank to train our relationship directors in the nuances of the sector, working with the University of Warwick and the Manufacturing Technologies Association to provide our teams with accreditation in understanding what manufacturing businesses need from their bank. We’re also investing £1 million a year to fund engineering apprenticeship and trainee schemes at the manufacturing technology centre in Coventry.

    With the support of our sector and product specialists, we will be with you throughout the economic cycle and wherever your business needs to go.

    We also understand that manufacturing businesses have their own unique banking needs. This sector needs continuous reinvestment in research and development, people and processes, to retain their competitive advantage in an ever-growing global marketplace. Whether it’s bolstering cashflow, financing growth, undertaking international trade or making acquisitions, we’re here to provide guidance to help your business find the best answer.

    We work closely with industry bodies such as EEF and the manufacturing training centre, to ensure we keep in touch with developments that impact our customers. We’re committed to supporting the vital role that manufacturing plays in the UK economy and we’ve committed an additional £1 billion of lending to the sector to help drive growth in this area.


    If you’re looking to purchase newer, more efficient assets, need funding to facilitate the next stage of growth for your business or want to mitigate against fluctuating fuel costs, our transport sector specialists have the experience to ensure that you have the best advice and access to the best solutions.

    The market place has changed little in the past three to four years. The majority of companies operate in road haulage and warehousing, with the remaining air, rail and water freight being delivered by specialist providers or international logistics firms.

    Sector outlook

    • Some parts of the sector may face a slower recovery as cost reduction is prioritised in favour of speed of delivery.
    • Express courier and postal services are expected to be adversely impacted as more economical ways of transportation are sought.
    • Rail freight is expected to be used increasingly as a substitute for road haulage. However, the UK transport infrastructure is such that there will remain a requirement for road transport. Larger operators have joint agreements with rail freight operators.
    • Pressures on margins and an increasing requirement for investment have led to growing consolidation in the sector.
    • Profitability margins are expected to be further squeezed by rising fuel prices which represent, on average, 35% of road haulage costs.
    • Manufacturers are adopting ‘just in time’ (JIT) production, which often requires transportation firms to invest in IT systems to deliver more sophisticated logistics support (route planning/tracking), alongside investment into latest fleet technology/engine efficiency.
    • The road haulage sub-sector is dominated by a large number of sub-scale firms, and consolidation is a means for these businesses to achieve the required economies of scale.
    • Commitments to doing more business globally are accelerating despite continuing economic, regulatory and other uncertainties.
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