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  • Building and maintaining strong relationships is at the core of Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking. This is critical in today’s fast changing marketplace.

    Every business has milestones ahead – the experience of our team can help you meet yours with confidence.

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Senior Team

  • bester1

    Andrew Bester

    Group Director & CEO, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Andrew Bester, Group Director and Chief Executive, Commercial Banking, was appointed in 2012 and is responsible for implementing and executing Lloyds strategy for serving its business clients ranging ...

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    Tim Hinton thumb

    Tim Hinton

    Managing Director, Mid Markets & SME Banking

    Tim was appointed to this senior position to manage SME and Mid Markets within Lloyds Bank in 2013. His department is responsible for supporting small, medium-sized and mid corporate businesses ...

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    Clare Francis thumb

    Clare Francis

    Managing Director, Global Corporates, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Clare has over 25 years of experience in advising diverse clients across all aspects of risk and financing. She joined Lloyds Bank in 2006 as Managing Director of Sales, responsible for distributing ...

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    Ed Thurman thumb

    Edward Thurman

    Managing Director, Head of Financial Institutions, Group Ambassador for London

    Ed joined Lloyds Banking Group in August 2008 as a Director in Group Corporate Development. He was responsible for the development and formulation of the Group’s corporate strategy and was a ...

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    Richard Moore thumb

    Richard Moore

    Managing Director, Financial Markets, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Richard joined Lloyds Bank in March 2012 and is presently Managing Director, Financial Markets, drawing on a career spanning 25 years in the financial services industry.

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    James Garvey thumb

    James Garvey

    Managing Director, Capital Markets & Portfolio Management, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    James joined the Group in September 2009 to manage capital markets and portfolio management; these businesses work in partnership with the relationship management teams to deliver financing and risk ...

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    Martin Draper

    Co-Head & CEO, LDC

    Martin is Co-Head and CEO for LDC and is responsible for all LDC’s executive and operational matters, and has leadership of the Midlands, North and South West Investment teams.

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    Chris Hurley

    Co-Head & CEO, LDC

    Chris is Co-Head and CEO for LDC and co-responsible for all LDC’s executive and operational matters, and has leadership of the London, Scotland and South investment teams.

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    Stephen Shelley thumb

    Stephen Shelley

    Risk Director, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    As part of the Group’s senior team, Stephen spearheads risk management strategy for Commercial Banking. He was appointed to his current role in November 2012 shortly after joining Lloyds Bank as ...

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    Nick Slape thumb

    Nick Slape

    Finance Director, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Nick joined the Group as Finance Director in 2012, drawing on over two decades of experience in the financial sector where he has held several senior roles in investment banking.

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    Hugh McKay thumb

    Hugh McKay

    Human Resource Development (HRD), Commercial Banking & Consumer Finance, Lloyds Bank

    Hugh has played a lead HR role in several strategic reviews and mergers/acquisitions during his time with the Group. These include the Halifax/Bank of Scotland merger, re-organisation of the Group's ...

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Regional Specialists

  • harris12

    Steve Harris

    Regional Director, Yorkshire, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Steve is responsible for a team of over 20 bankers in the Yorkshire market, covering over 200 corporate businesses and helping the county and wider UK economy to prosper.

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    Mark Burton Thumb

    Mark Burton

    Regional Managing Director, London & South, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Mark is responsible for the northern franchise of mid markets, together with driving the strategy, ultimate balance sheet and profit and loss budget delivery for mid cap customer segments across the ...

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    David Richardson

    David Richardson

    Regional Managing Director, Midlands, East & South West, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    David has a national overview of manufacturing businesses and also supports our customer relationships with Lex Autolease. He also serves as Lloyds Group Regional Chairman across the Midlands.

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    Mark Grant

    Mark Grant

    Managing Director, International, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Mark joined Lloyds Bank in 1978 and has built a varied career with the Group, encompassing roles in client coverage (SME through to Global Corporates), Risk (Chief Credit Officer, USA, Head of Risk ...

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    Ender Tanar

    Ender Tanar

    Managing Director, Head of Central Europe, Global Corporates, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Ender leads the regional corporate coverage teams in Amsterdam and Frankfurt, which work closely with the sector and product specialist teams in London.

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    Vincent Bourlet

    Managing Director & Head of Corporate France, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Vincent has extensive experience in the investment and corporate sectors in France, working across a broad range of clients and industries. He leads the commercial banking team for France and ...

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Sector Specialists

  • Ed Thurman thumb

    Edward Thurman

    Managing Director, Head of Financial Institutions, Group Ambassador for London

    Ed joined Lloyds Banking Group in August 2008 as a Director in Group Corporate Development. He was responsible for the development and formulation of the Group’s corporate strategy and was a ...

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    Robert Ellison

    Robert Ellison

    Managing Director, Head of Banks

    Rob has fifteen years’ experience advising financial institutions on issues related to capital markets financing, balance sheet management and regulatory capital. Prior to starting with Lloyds Bank ...

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    Bill Cooper Thumb

    Bill Cooper

    Managing Director, Head of Insurance and Specialist Finance

    Bill joined Lloyds Bank in 1986 as a graduate management trainee, and holds a degree from the University of Cambridge. He has been working with clients in the insurance industry for over 20 years and ...

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    Robert Hare - Thumb

    Robert Hare

    Managing Director, Head of Pensions, Wealth and Stockbrokers

    Robert has a wealth of experience from leading many different types of businesses from asset finance, motor finance, invoice discounting, housing finance to property finance, and was responsible for ...

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    Oliver Knight thumb

    Oliver Knight

    Managing Director, Head of Group, Government & Regulatory Solutions

    Oliver joined Lloyds in October 2014. Prior to this, Oliver worked at Accenture in their Financial Services Strategy practice where he advised executives at a number of universal banking and ...

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    Mark Brotherton HandS thumb

    Mark Brotherton

    Chief Operating Officer

    As Deputy Chair of the Financial Institutions Executive Committee, Mark has a diverse range of responsibilities across client services, finance, risk, change, data and people. He collaborates with ...

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    Tony Oakley thumb

    Tony Oakley

    Head of Social Housing, Mid Markets, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Tony joined Lloyds Banking Group in 2002 and is currently Head of the Lloyds Bank Social Housing finance team having national responsibility for over 280 clients and over £12 billion of lending.

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Product Experts

  • Ian Brown Thumb

    Ian Brown

    Head of Acquisition Finance Origination, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Ian Brown is a Managing Director and Head of Acquisition Finance Origination at Lloyds Banking Group, leading a team of more than 60 origination professionals.

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    Cris Kinrade Thumb

    Cris Kinrade

    Head of Capital & Collateral Management, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Cris is charged with several responsibilities, including the management of the credit valuation adjustment (CVA) pool for derivatives; overseeing the capital risk weight asset targets for ...

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    Farouk Ramzan Thumb

    Farouk Ramzan

    Managing Director, Head of Commercial Banking - Europe, Lloyds Bank

    Farouk took up his current role at Lloyds Bank in 2007, a position that involves building the corporate debt capital market platform as part of a client-focused debt product suite.

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    John Salter Thumb

    John Salter

    Global Corporates and Financial Institutions Director, Global Transaction Banking, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    John is responsible for designing and delivering the growth strategy for cash management and payments, a key pillar of Transaction Banking (TB). He also built a new sales advisory team to support ...

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    Andrew Willett Thumb

    Andrew Willett

    Managing Director, Head of Risk Management Solutions & Strategic Client Solutions, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Andrew joined at Lloyds Bank in 2002, heading up the major corporate risk management solutions team through sector specialism. From 2013, he became responsible for strategic client solutions, a team ...

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    Dave Wills Thumb

    Dave Wills

    Head of Sales, Commercial Cards & Acquiring Services, Consumer Finance, Lloyds Bank

    Heading up sales at commercial cards and Cardnet®, Dave’s most recent experience has included wider profit and loss responsibility. On a broader level, he has built and led a new sales team, looking ...

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    Adrian Walker

    Managing Director, Product, Global Transaction Banking, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Adrian is currently Managing Director of Product, Global Transaction Banking – the largest Commercial Banking business by contribution to client income. Adrian has led this team which spans three hub ...

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    Guillaume Fleuti

    Head of Infrastructure and Energy, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Guillaume Fleuti heads the Infrastructure & Energy team at Lloyds Bank. Guillaume joined Lloyds Bank in 2009 and has over 14 years of experience in Capital Markets. Guillaume has actively ...

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    Christophe Coutte

    Managing Director & Head of Rates Products, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Christophe joined Lloyds Bank in April 2013. He oversees a £326 million budget and leads a team of 24 traders, delivering rates products to clients across all segments. This includes calibrating and ...

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    John Robson

    SME Client Coverage Director, Global Transaction Banking, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    John joined Lloyds Bank in 1977 and has held leadership positions across both the retail and commercial banking network. He currently serves as Coverage Director for the Bank’s SME clients, working ...

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    Juan Blasco

    Head of Credit Products, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Juan joined Lloyds Bank in October 2012 as Head of Credit Products in Financial Markets, helping interaction with clients to bring together issuers and investors.

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    Patrick Sherrington Thumb

    Patrick Sherrington

    Head of Corporate Asset Finance, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Patrick Sherrington joined Lloyds in January 2007 as Director, Corporate Asset Finance and became Head of Corporate Asset Finance on 12th October 2012, (and acting as Interim Head since July 2012).

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    Gordon Ferguson thumbnail

    Gordon Ferguson

    Head of Hire Purchase & Leasing, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Gordon leads the asset finance teams that provide lending for business equipment like cars, vans, trucks, busses and plant machinery. He oversees four external sales teams and one direct team, as ...

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Economic Experts

  • Adam Chester 16-12-15 Thumb

    Adam Chester

    Head of Economics, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Adam leads the economics team, providing detailed analysis of the macroeconomic and financial market operating environment. His team aims to educate and inform clients about the key economic and ...

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    Hann-Ju Ho 16-12-15 Thumb

    Hann-Ju Ho

    G-10 Economist, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Hann covers the major advanced economies, including responsibility for the team’s flagship publications for the corporate client base. His role requires in-depth analysis and forecasting of key ...

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    Jeavon Lolay 16-12-15 Thumb

    Jeavon Lolay

    Head of Economics & Market Insight, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Jeavon has over 20 years’ professional experience as an economist, specialising in worldwide macroeconomic developments and financial markets. He currently leads the team and oversees all ...

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Area Directors

  • Glenn Bemment - thumb

    Glenn Bemment

    Regional Director, North West, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    In the Commercial Banking business, Glenn is responsible for clients with turnovers between £25 million and £750 million. His department is broken into teams that look after medium-sized businesses ...

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    Mike Mullaney

    Regional Director, North East, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Mike and his team specialise in making successful and innovative transactions across a range of industry sectors – from food processing to coal mining and most things in between. They’ve delivered ...

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    Philip Fulton

    Regional Director, East of England, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Philip leads a team that provides a range of commercial banking services to businesses in the East of England. He took up this role in 2010 after being appointed to a similar position with Bank of ...

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    Dene Jones Thumb

    Dene Jones

    Regional Director, East Midlands, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Dene leads a team that supports mid market clients across Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. They provide public and private sector businesses with tailored funding, risk ...

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    Steve Clarke

    Regional Director, West Midlands, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Steve has worked in the banking sector for over 35 years and is currently the Regional Director of the largest area team in Mid Markets. His team covers business in the £25 million to £750 million ...

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    Mark Amis - thumb

    Mark Amis

    Regional Head of Education, Charities and Governments, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Mark leads a team who provide a full range of banking and financial services to Education, Charities and Government clients in the Midlands, East and South West.

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    Jason Evans thumbnail

    Jason Evans

    Regional Director, South West & South Wales, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    As Regional Director, Jason is tasked with increasing the regional corporate banking team and its range of products and services to businesses across South Wales and Severnside. He joined Lloyds Bank ...

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    Terry Koizou

    Terry Koizou

    Regional Director, London and South East, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Terry is the Regional Business Development Director across London & South East, leading a team of 18 Business Developers, with a focus on supporting the growth strategies of Mid-Market businesses ...

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    Richard Meddelton

    Richard Meddelton

    Regional Head of Education, Charities and Governments, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Richard is our London-based Area Director heading up the professionals, charities and Government sector teams. Richard has 30 years’ banking experience and previously worked for Barclays, RBS and ...

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    Simon Bumfrey

    Area Director, Manufacturing, Industrials, Technology, Media & Telecoms, London, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Simon leads a team of 20 corporate bankers specialising in Manufacturing & Industrials (including Housebuilders), Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) sectors with turnovers of between ...

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    Neil Foulkes

    Area Director, Thames Valley & South East, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Neil is the Thames Valley and South Area Director for Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking and is responsible for mid market clients with a turnover of £25 million and over.

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    Allan Ramsay thumb

    Allan Ramsay

    Area Director, Consumer Services, London, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Allan is responsible for the client-facing Consumer Services team in Mid Markets, London which specialises in the Healthcare, Retail, Hotel, Leisure and Hospitality sectors.

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