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    The Financial Institutions business consists of the following specialist sector teams:

    Sector Heading Banks
    Sector Content

    The Banks team manages relationships with international and UK banks, building societies and challenger banks. These clients also form the key elements of our correspondent bank and trade networks, market counterparties and strategic partners.

    We support our clients’ individual needs by channeling the funding and balance sheet management expertise of our teams across debt capital markets, financial markets and transaction banking products and services to deliver a suite of solutions dedicated to the needs of the clients we serve. Many of our clients look to us as a strong UK bank with expertise in sterling, capital structuring and liquidity management.

    Name Rob Ellison
    Email Address robert.ellison@lloydsbanking.com
    Job Title Managing Director,
    Sector Description      Head of Banks
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    Sector Heading Insurance and Specialist Finance
    Sector Content

    We are a leading supporter of the UK insurance industry, with a diverse portfolio of over 100 clients across the UK and Europe. We are also a leading player in the Lloyd’s of London insurance market with strong relationships with firms in global markets including Bermuda, North America and Asia.

    We have a long track record of working with clients in the Life, Non-Life and broker markets. Our dedicated, highly experienced team is perfectly positioned to support our clients through the accelerating pace of change in these markets.

    The team also supports a broad spectrum of Specialist Finance clients, including leasing firms and non-conforming lenders. Many of our clients provide essential services to the wider financial services sector, and the support we provide is closely aligned with the Group’s objectives of Helping Britain Prosper.

    Name Bill Cooper
    Email Address bill.cooper@lloydsbanking.com
    Job Title Managing Director,
    Sector Description      Head of Insurance and Specialist Finance
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    Sector Heading Financial Sponsors
    Sector Content

    Financial Sponsors represent a critical client group within Financial Institutions and across Commercial Banking and play a vital role in supporting the UK economy. Our clients are high quality investment managers across Private Equity, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Credit Opportunities.

    We are recognised as a leading finance provider across the Financial Sponsor spectrum. We have an extensive and consistent track record for supporting clients in areas such as debt & capital markets, foreign exchange & treasury risk management and innovative liability and transaction banking solutions.

    Our highly experienced team have extensive insights into the funding requirements of our clients, whether at the fund level or with the companies, projects and assets that they manage.

    Name Stephen Quinn
    Email Address stephen.quinn@lloydsbanking.com
    Job Title Managing Director,
    Sector Description      Head of Financial Sponsors
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    Sector Heading Investors & Intermediaries
    Sector Content

    The Institutional Investors & Intermediaries team connects a diverse range of clients, from asset managers to central banks, sovereign wealth funds to market infrastructure and intermediaries, across each of our main product areas.

    We work closely with our financial markets experts to develop a strong strategic offering for a client base that plays a vital role in supporting British businesses, communities and individuals.

    Name Andrew Ryan
    Email Address andrew.ryan@lloydsbanking.com
    Job Title Managing Director,
    Sector Description      Head of Investors and Intermediaries
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    Sector Heading Group, Government & Regulatory Solutions
    Sector Content

    The Group, Government & Regulatory Solutions team manages the relationships with our internal Group subsidiaries and the central Government. In addition, the team reviews the strategic impacts of upcoming regulatory changes to develop both the right responses and relevant new propositions for the Group, and for clients.

    This team provides industry-leading thought leadership, drawing on regulatory expertise from across our Group to ensure clients are well informed and positioned in this complex landscape.

    Name Oliver Knight
    Email Address oliver.knight@lloydsbanking.com
    Job Title Managing Director, Head of Group,
    Sector Description      Government & Regulatory Solutions
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    Sector Heading Pensions, Wealth and Stockbrokers
    Sector Content

    The Pensions, Wealth and Stockbrokers team focuses on intermediaries such as FCA authorised stockbrokers, investment managers, pension administrators, insurance brokers, insolvency practitioners and professional bodies that manage client funds.

    The team has in-depth knowledge of client money rules and has developed a service specifically designed to provide robust and efficient policies for the management of client deposits. We also work closely with industry trade bodies and are regularly invited to lead on key issues with the FCA on matters such as the liquidity treatment of client money deposits.

    The team offers support from dedicated relationship directors with a proven track record in the sector, working with clients to develop innovative liability solutions.

    By supporting the wealth management sector in finding much needed capacity through development of long term solutions we seek to ensure that we build on our market leading proposition through putting our customer’s first.

    Name Robert Hare
    Email Address robert.hare@lloydsbanking.com
    Job Title Managing Director,
    Sector Description      Head of Pensions, Wealth and Stockbrokers
    Photograph  /uploadedImages/Lloyds_Commercial/Pages/Your_business_needs/Your_business/Financial_institutions/Sector_support/Rob_Hare.jpg?n=8191

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