• Trade finance

    Trading internationally involves risk - the time between the start and completion of a transaction is often longer than trading within the UK.

    The key to success is to plan your working capital effectively during the trade cycle, and to ensure you have sufficient financial assistance in place at each stage. Therefore, it is vital to have an experienced trade team to work with you to fully understand your requirements and help you choose the right solution.

    Pre-shipment finance

    Once you have a confirmed order from a buyer, backed by a documentary credit, we can discuss providing you with working capital. This can help you to produce and ship the goods, allowing you to take on new contracts and grow your business.

    Post-shipment finance

    Once you have shipped goods to a customer we can look at advancing payment to you, so you don’t have to wait for customer payment before using the funds.

    Import finance

    We provide short-term finance, linked to your trading cycle. Import finance can help you to bridge any working capital gap created by the time difference between paying suppliers and receiving payment from buyers.

    UKEF Bond Support Scheme

    The Bond Support Scheme was launched in 2011. It offers some peace of mind by providing partial guarantees to participating banks under a master bond support agreement in respect of UK exports. Where a bank issues a contract bond (or procures its issue by an overseas bank) in respect of a UK export contract, UKEF will typically guarantee 50% of the value of the bond and up to 80% for advance payment and progress payment bonds.

    Please see our dedicated fact sheet for full details of the UKEF Bond Support Scheme. Further information can be found on the UK Export Finance website.

    UKEF Export Working Capital Scheme

    The Export Working Capital Scheme was introduced in 2011. It aims to assist UK exporters in gaining access to working capital finance (both pre and post-shipment) for specific export contracts. The scheme helps small and medium-sized companies grow.

    Please see our in-depth fact sheet for full details of the Export Working Capital Scheme. Further information can be found on the UK Export Finance website.

    All applications for our products and services are subject to eligibility criteria.

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