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  • By offering a full range of services from risk management and international trade support to funding and daily banking, we’ll work with you to provide the right mix of products and guidance to help your business prosper.
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  • Capital markets

    Our award-winning and innovative teams provide a range of capital markets products and solutions to help with private side financing and risk management of your business.

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    Private equity

    We can support you in funding a management buyout, a replacement scheme or expansion plans while allowing your business to maintain its cashflow.

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    Supply chain finance

    We provide financing solutions to fund international trade or help you to deepen relationships with your suppliers whilst also optimising your working capital.

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    Working capital finance

    Our invoice discounting, factoring and asset-based lending can help improve your cashflow.

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    Term loans, overdrafts and revolving credit

    We provide loan and overdraft facilities built to fit your individual business needs.

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    Commercial finance

    Our Commercial Finance team can support your ambitions by providing flexible and innovative financing solutions to enable your business to flourish.

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    Lex Autolease

    Lex Autolease is the UK’s leading vehicle leasing specialist, offering support to every size and shape of business from sole traders to large nationwide companies.

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    Asset finance

    We offer asset finance to support purchases of essential equipment, enabling you to build your business without tying up your cash.

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    Strategic Finance

    Our award-winning team of corporate finance specialists support businesses with debt requirements of more than £10m.

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Risk management

  • Interest rates

    Our interest rate risk management solutions, ranging from simple swaps to more structured solutions, can help you mitigate short and long-term risks.

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    Foreign exchange

    We can offer a range of global foreign exchange services – from vanilla to option products that can be tailored to your specific currency needs.

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    We can provide you with a variety of competitive, inflation-linked solutions to help you manage your exposure to inflation.

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    If your business has exposure to commodity prices, we can identify and deliver innovative solutions to suit your requirements.

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    Additional risk services

    We can also help you with International Finance Reporting Standards (IFRS) guidance, risk quantification and market timing indicators.

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Cash management

Card solutions

  • Card Solutions

    When you want to streamline payment processes and drive efficiencies in your organisation, our solutions can give you a range of payment options for travel, entertainment and business supplies.

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    Business Travel Solution

    Our Business Travel Solution can make your company’s travel procurement and expenses easier to manage, with travel costs settled centrally.

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    Corporate Charge Card

    Our Corporate Charge Card can speed up your expense management processes, while providing financial and administrative efficiencies.

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    Corporate MultiPay

    Corporate MultiPay provides an efficient and secure way of paying for your travel, entertainment and business purchases on one account.

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    Corporate Purchasing Card

    Our Corporate Purchasing Card helps you save time and money when making and reconciling high volume purchases.

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    ePay Virtual

    Our ePay Virtual payment solution provides enhanced levels of control on your employees’ online and card-not-present business spend.

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    Virtual card payments as part of a Card-based purchasing strategy.

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    Useful Contacts

    Should you need assistance once your programme is set up please contact us

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  • Deposit products

    Based on our experience and our in-depth understanding of the sectors in which our customers operate, we have created deposit solutions that allow businesses to mobilise and maximise their finances in different ways.

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    Client accounts

    If your business is entrusted with third party deposits, you’ll be looking for banking support that’s secure, flexible and reliable – and that maximises efficiencies for your firm too.

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International trade

  • International trade overview

    If you're a small business making overseas transactions or you're a multinational corporation, our team support you to grow your business internationally.

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    International cash management

    We can provide banking solutions so that you can access currency accounts across the world.

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    Trade finance

    Trading internationally involves risk - the time between the start and completion of a transaction is often longer than trading within the UK.

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    Trade services

    Whether your aim is to streamline payment, protect your operations or form smooth supplier relations, we can help you trade across borders. Having the right type of financing in place, with the right financial provider, plays a big part in international business success.

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    Trading in China

    If you’re importing from, or exporting to, China, your business needs to be able to trade in one of the world’s key currencies, the Renminbi (RMB).

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    Risk management

    We offer a range of global foreign exchange services, delivered with the highest level of service.

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Legal and regulatory information

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