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    Whatever your business goals and ambitions, we are committed to developing a strong working relationship with you and providing you financial solutions, based on understanding your needs.
  • Simon Allocca Thumb

    Simon Allocca

    Managing Director, Head of Loan Markets, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Simon is developing loan markets to better support his clients.

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    Ian Brown Thumb

    Ian Brown

    Head of Acquisition Finance Origination, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Ian Brown is a Managing Director and Head of Acquisition Finance Origination at Lloyds Banking Group, leading a team of more than 60 origination professionals.

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    Anders Henrikson Thumb

    Anders Henrikson

    Managing Director & Head of FX Product, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Anders became Head of FX Product in March 2013 after originally joining the Group in 2008. He’s responsible for leading FX business and supporting distribution across client segments and their ...

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    Cris Kinrade Thumb

    Cris Kinrade

    Head of Capital & Collateral Management, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Cris is charged with several responsibilities, including the management of the credit valuation adjustment (CVA) pool for derivatives; overseeing the capital risk weight asset targets for ...

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    Matthew Lawrence thumbnail

    Matthew Lawrence

    Head of SME & Corporate, Financial Markets, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Matthew became Head of SME and Corporate in financial markets in 2012. His 166-strong sales team is responsible for helping our clients succeed by managing their market risks and trading ...

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    Farouk Ramzan Thumb

    Farouk Ramzan

    Managing Director, Head of Capital Markets Origination, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Farouk took up his current role at Lloyds Bank in 2007, a position that involves building the corporate debt capital market platform as part of a client-focused debt product suite.

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    John Salter Thumb

    John Salter

    Global Corporates and Financial Institutions Director, Global Transaction Banking, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    John is responsible for designing and delivering the growth strategy for cash management and payments, a key pillar of Transaction Banking (TB). He also built a new sales advisory team to support ...

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    Andrew Willett Thumb

    Andrew Willett

    Managing Director, Head of Risk Management Solutions & Strategic Client Solutions, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Andrew joined at Lloyds Bank in 2002, heading up the major corporate risk management solutions team through sector specialism. From 2013, he became responsible for strategic client solutions, a team ...

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    Andrew Edwards Thumb

    Andrew Edwards

    Head of Portfolio Management, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Andrew is responsible for allocating capital across our business and managing the core lending portfolio, joining Lloyds Bank in July 2012.

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    Dave Wills Thumb

    Dave Wills

    Head of Sales, Commercial Cards & Acquiring Services, Consumer Finance, Lloyds Bank

    Heading up sales at commercial cards and Cardnet®, Dave’s most recent experience has included wider profit and loss responsibility. On a broader level, he has built and led a new sales team, looking ...

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    Adrian Walker

    Managing Director, Product, Global Transaction Banking, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Adrian is currently Managing Director of Product, Global Transaction Banking – the largest Commercial Banking business by contribution to client income. Adrian has led this team which spans three hub ...

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    Guillaume Fleuti

    Head of Infrastructure and Energy, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    Guillaume Fleuti heads the Infrastructure & Energy team at Lloyds Bank. Guillaume joined Lloyds Bank in 2009 and has over 14 years of experience in Capital Markets. Guillaume has actively ...

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    David Whiteley

    Managing Director, Leveraged Loans & High Yield Capital Markets, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

    David has headed up the leveraged loan syndicate and high yield capital markets team since he joined Lloyds Bank in 2007 from RBS. The team arranges and underwrites leveraged loans and high yield ...

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